Membership in NASAOS is a privilege bestowed by the Society through its Board of Directors, and carries with it both rights and responsibilities. Members are expected to exemplify professionalism and excellence in oculoplastic patient care and education.


Eligibility for Membership by Category

Full Membership:

  • Academic orbital surgeon
  • 5+ years out of Fellowship
  • An average of 1 publication/year over past 5 years
  • A $600 entry fee

Junior Membership:

  • Academic orbital surgeon
  • 2+ years out of Fellowship
  • $300 entry fee
  • Maximum of 5 years on this category

Associate Membership:

  • Private practicing orbital surgeon or Academic orbital surgeon who does not meet publication requirements
  • $1000 entry fee


Full and Junior memberships require a letter of recommendation by a department chairman (waiver possible by NASAOS President), and are subject to approval by the Board of Directors by majority vote. Associate membership candidates require a letter of recommendation from two full members, and approval by the Board of Directors (majority vote).


Annual Dues

Membership dues will be $100/year for both Full and Junior Members, and $200/year for Associate Members. Dues are subject to change by vote of the Board of Directors.


Rights of Members

Full Members:

  • Listed on website
  • Ability to post on website
  • Full voting privileges
  • Can attend meetings

Junior Members:

  • Listed on website
  • Can attend meetings

Associate Members:

  • Listed on website
  • Can attend meetings


Changing Membership Category

Junior Members can be nominated by a Full member for Full member category once they possess all qualifications necessary (1 publication/year on average, 5+ years out of Fellowship). Approval is by majority of vote by Board of Directors. Without the necessary publication record, after 5 years Junior members will be offered an Associate membership. If either Full or Junior Members have been out of academic practice for 1 year or longer, they will have the option of converting their membership to Associate category. Changing of membership category does not require a re-entry fee. It only results in a change in yearly dues and membership rights/benefits.


Resignation and Termination

Any member may resign by filing a written resignation with the President. A member can have their membership terminated by a super-majority vote of the membership (65%). Failure of dues payment or failure to uphold a professional code of conduct can be grounds for termination by the Board of Directors (majority vote).